Three Anchor Bay is situated along the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula.
A magnificent coastline with long sandy beaches, soaring mountains cut through by beautiful valleys and historic towns.

It will take you a few days before you can fully appreciate the true splendour and diversity of the cape peninsula. You will probably quickly acquaint yourself, by foot, with the city centre of Cape Town and stroll around the Botanical Gardens, Houses of Parliament, Greenmarket square and the Old Malay quarter.

However by far the most exciting aspect of Cape Town is the Waterfront complex.
Here you will find, by day or night, a constant and light-hearted holiday atmosphere. There is a dazzling array of fine boutiques and shops which line the Victoria and Alfred shopping centre, whilst outside, about the original docks, smart sophisticated restaurants complete the picture. As you bask here in the late afternoon sun you may choose one of several jazz bars or restaurants for a sun downer. Just in front of you is a continuous stream of catamarans and pleasure cruisers, plying their trade. Pick a boat; jump aboard and in the early evening sun, as the stunning vista of the fairest Cape comes into perspective, you will quickly realise that before you lays one of the most beautiful cities in the world-Cape Town